Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2nd Batch of Tissue box holder's

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As I mentioned in my previous posting here is my 2nd batch of Tissue box holder's.  Finally my set of (12) are all completed.  Yippee!  I have lots and lots of cards now that I catching up with so  I will get  those posted in between other projects I'm working on.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Christmas Tree Shaker cards!

BLOG CANDY - fyi, if my list doesn't get long by the 30th of Sept. I will extend it until the 15th of Oct.  USA residents only!!!

Back to my posting - so for today I have my 3rd set of shaker cards that I made over the weekend!   Yeh - that is a total of (18) Christmas cards that I made so far!   I hope you like them until then enjoy your weekend and another brand new week ahead...

Friday, September 25, 2015

Make a Card based on a Song!

Happy Saturday peeps~
It's that time again for Team 1 over at Crafty Friends Challenge to start off another brand new challenge!  For this fortnight we are doing the theme " Make A Card Based On A Song".   We are also sponsored by:
Link to web-store  -  https://www.etsy.com/shop/alldressedupstamps
Link to challenge blog  - http://alldressedupchallenges.blogspot.co.uk/
Prize - 2 digis of the winners choice from the Etsy store

Julia Spiri on Pinterest  https://www.pinterest.com/fotosgraciosas/
Julia Spiri on Google+  google.com/+JuliaSpiri
Prize - 2 digi images of the winners choice from their Etsy shop

I chose to use All Dressed Up and here is my card with the theme song:
"It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"
Aw, I really love this card in real, I don't think I can part with it...LOL!

We love to see what you can create with fun challenge, please come and join in on the fun.  Don't forget to hop by the blog and check out what the rest of the DT girls have in store for you, you sure don't want to miss this out..
Until our next challenge - enjoy your crafty moments!

2nd set of Post It Note Holders!


Here's my 2nd batch of post it note holders.    I needed to do a dozen of them, whew I"m glad this is done...LOL!  They are quick to make anyway, I love on-line shopping especially when they have good deals on supplies that I use frequently.... I just go for broke and stock up so that I don't run out of them... I'm making this a quickie post I 'm pre-cutting up some cardstock for my A2 cards so I can start putting them together... Until then~ enjoy your weekend and your crafty moments~  Toodles for now!

Use a Doiley!


Happy Friday peeps!
We are back from Team 1 from Brown Sugar Challenge!   For this fortnight we are doing the theme " Use A Doiley" .  We are sponsored by:

Here is my card with the image provided by Sassy Studio designs.

For more inspiration be sure to stop by the blog and check out what the rest of the DT members have for you.
We love to see what you can create with a doily so please join in on this fun challenge!
Until our next challenge - enjoy your crafty moments!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Merry & Bright Shaker cards!

Yeh for blog candy here

Here's the next set of Christmas shaker cards!     They sure are fun to make, I'm glad to get my Christmas cards going early this year.....Still got lots more to make along with other orders.... I hope you like what you see!
Thanks for peeking in and checking them out!
Until then - as always enjoy your crafty moments!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Shake it Up!


Hi ya peeps~
Hope you all had an awesome weekend....It was so peaceful to lounge in my craft cave yesterday and prep out my checklist of everything that I need to get done..... Weather was perfect to be indoors so I didn't quite mind it at all, we had a little disturbance  of rain that came sweeping over the islands.   On my end it's very humid and dry and yet if you drive up mauka (mountain) it can be pouring. LOL~

So with all that said I decided to make some Christmas shaker cards, yes some of you have been waiting for me to bust it out.... Hehe, I've made shaker cards but never had it posted you might say.   Why, if it's a card that I need to make at the spur of the moment I simply forget.  They are easy and fun to make.   I do have a container that I have a bit to put together, it's that I still have some images that I need to cut up from my cartridges to finish it off.   So be patient  they will be on my post  one of these days, LOL!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope these shakers gets you inspired too!

Spotlight day at Ktty Bee Designs!

my blog candy is still going on here~

Happy Monday peeps~
Today is my spotlight over at Kitty Bee Designs!   I'm using the image Trike Panda, isn't he a cutie... I'm a big fan of pandas in all different ways.    I kept my card CAS, stencil the background added a ribbon and  wah lah a card made in no time....LOL!

I hope you like my spotlight !
See ya back here in next months spotlight - enjoy your crafty moments

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Post it Note Holders!

Here's another set that I did last evening and working on another bunch today.   I was surprised that the stamp  is a bit small so I guess it worked perfectly on this post it note holder or maybe using it for smaller projects...  Anyhow I paper piece her kimonos so I guess it was faster to put together... I love coloring hair and I did it in different shades just to off set it.  I hope this inspires you and will get the other set posted up soon...

Thanks for peeking in - and enjoy your crafty moments~

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Note book holders and calendars!


Hello peeps~

Hope your weekend is going great so far!  Just popping in to share some crating I did during the week in between of other crafting too, LOL!   A relative of mines asked me if I could make her some thank you gifts so she can give them for the upcoming Christmas. gifts.She wanted each one to be in their favorite colors and images they like.   She said it was a bit nerve wrecking for her getting that info from them... My cuz works at a complex building  and has met a bunch of friends from different offices affiliated with medical and dentistry work.  So here is what I came up  with and she loved all of it, she knows that they will put it into good use.  

Sorry it was a bit lengthy but I wanted you all to see the inside of those note book holders too, LOL!    
Will post some other things I'm  working on soon.....
Enjoy your crafty moments~ 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Party Time!

My blog candy here!

Team Jess is back from Creative Corner Challenge~ This fortnight we are doing this challenge with the theme " Party Time"!.   Since we didn't have a sponsor for this challenge the DT members created what they wanted... Here is my card with the digital image from Digi Stamp Boutique.  Going through my stash this was the perfect image for this challenge.
For more inspiration be sure to check out what the rest of the DT members have for you on the blog here.
We love for you to share your most recent card or project and join in on this fun challenge!

Until then, will see you on our next upcoming challenge... Keep enjoying your crafty moments~

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Into the Woods - Card Box Holder!


Hope you weekend has been awesome!   We're already going into the middle of Sept., kinda scary that the holidays will be here in a swift too!   Every time I look at my check list of all the crafting that I'm doing for orders, I'm telling myself are you sure you are going to get them done on their due dates.... Yikes, uuggh, but you know what I committed myself to them so I can't back out now!   But honestly I craft every chance I get, some crafting I do they don't want me to post it on my blog ~ it's just a personal thing some people have.  Yes, I've done tons of cute party favors etc..... Oh well that's the way it goes!!!!
Well I'm here today to share this card box holder that I made last evening from part of my happy mail that I received yesterday.   My hubby spoiled me in buying all that I wanted, LOL!   I was inspired when I saw this by one of my all time favorite follower and I knew that one of the orders that I'm doing for that recipient she was going to fall head over heels on it because a lot people request to buy sets like these as gift givings.   And because they are versatile for all occasion it's even easier for me to mass produce them.... So I've got more of them that I'm working on today, they are already cut up and I just have to adhere them.  And they have to be without NO Sentiments!  So what do you think, don't they make cute gifts for all occasions?
Front of card holder box

Belly band detached for opening up the card holder

My set has (4) cards with envelopes - per my orders request!

CAS cards!

Thanks for peeking in and checking it out - I hope this inspires you  and who knows maybe you  can make them for the upcoming holidays too?   Great for birthdays, Christmas, etc etc..  Enjoy your crafty moments !   Toodles ~

Saturday, September 12, 2015


My blog candy here - you have until Sept. 30th!

Here's two more tissue holders that I finished off this morning -  the images is called Haruko and I gave her some brown hair this time....I think she pops out more with this shade of colors.....So far I made a total of (6) and least see if the recipient needs me to add more to her order.   LOL!

Back to more crafting - just got me some happy mail so I will unopened my box and get some projects in the make.... Enjoy your crafty weekend~

Friday, September 11, 2015

KBD Aloha Friday Challenge -Make Music!

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Happy Aloha Friday peeps!
It's Team Bees upcoming challenge!  For this fortnight Team Bees theme on this fun challenge is " Make Music"!.   Our sponsor for this challenge is:

Here is the image I chose for this challenge:

His perfect for my stash box, I don't really have to much boy theme cards so this will come in handy for someone's upcoming birthday.    
For more inspiration be sure to stop by the blog and check out what the DT members have for you.    We love for you to join in and play along with us on this  fun challenge.
Until then - will see you back  here on our upcoming challenge.
Thanks for peeking in!

Make an Easel Card Challenge!

Note:  My blog candy here - sign up for a chance to win something good until Sept. 30th!

Happy Friday peeps~
We are back from Team 1 over at Brown Sugar Challenge!   For this fortnight we are doing the theme " Make an Easel Card".   Our sponsor for this challenge is also:

Here is the digital image I chose for this challenge:

He turned out so perfect that he will permanently be stationed on my craft desk, LOL!
For more inspiration be sure to stop by the blog and check out what the rest of the DT members have for you...
Until our next challenge - enjoy your crafty moments... 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

2016 Calendars!

Hey peeps don't forget I have some yummy blog candy that I'm giving away to not one but a few of you out their as long as I have a good amount of entry's on my list.... So if you want to take part of it leave your name and be sure that you have an active blog and is a current follower of my blog to qualifty..... Sign up here~  view add on here
Here are some 2016 calendars that I've made yesterday for the same recipient that has been ordering all her stuff from me... She has a big thing coming up and I'm so blessed to have her  showcase all my projects she has requested from me!   As you can tell she is high on Oriental themes and she specifically chosen what I had for their events.

I'm still working on finishing up more of those tissue box holders for her....So I will try to get those done  todayl.... It's been crazy busy trying to cramp my schedules between  crafting, and doing my beef jerky, LOL~     
So I better get on my routine before I start getting myself distracted with doing so many incomplete projects waiting to be completed.....

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hey Peeps - Don't you folks want some candy????

Hello blogland~
I'm surprise no one's into having some blog candy?   I've added another stash to my pile so if you are interested please leave me a comment on my original posting here and not on this posting here you will be disqualified.     For those who already signed up for a chance of winning something I asked that you link it on your sidebar just so it will draw some attention to others who have never been to my site...... After all you will be gaining something free + shipping.    So come on and let me see the new and old  on my list!   LOL!

If you are new to my site besure you are hooked up to my followers list or you will be deleted from the list.....thanks.....

Friday, September 4, 2015

Are you up for some blog candy?

Hello peeps~
I've been purging my containers and have come across so many items that I have no use for it.  So I want to  share it with some of you that can make use of them.  They are more that I will be adding on so check back in a day or two.   You may say that I'm doing an early fall cleaning and getting out my oldies so I can bring in some new items that I've been eyeing on..LOL!
Sorry this will apply to US Residents only!  
In order to qualify for any of my candy you need to be a follower, winner(s) will be chosen by random.org.
You have until September 30th! 
So stay tune for more to come~
The more entry's the more everyone can qualify..

Thanks a lot - until then enjoy your crafty moments!

Back to School Challenge~

Hello peeps~
Team Jess is back from Creative Corner Challenge with another brand new challenge!  For this fortnight we are doing the theme "Back to School" and with our sponsor:

Here is the image I chose for my card:

We love to see what  recent cards or projects you created so please come share them and play along with the rest of the DT members.  Be sure to hop back to the blog and check out what they got for you too!
Until our next challenge - enjoy your crafty moments!

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