Thursday, April 19, 2012

May's sign up for my "Anything Goes Card Swap" is "NOW" open!

Hello New Follower's Also New &  Previous Players!

My "Anything Goes Card Swap" for the month of  MAY is now open!  I decided to have it open sooner so I have a better idea so I can keep track on the total entries before I leave for my vacay.... I will extend the sign up until May 4th midnight.. I will be back early Saturday morning and will work on the partners by mid morning Sunday May 6th.  
For my new follower's and all interested my card swap is basically pairing you off and you are to  create a card, or a tag, any crafty project and you exchange with your partner.  Each month the theme's change, so for the month of MAY it will be "FLOWERS" however you want to interpret it.  It can be a die cut, a hand rolled flower, a stamp, decal etc....  This is not a challenge but a clean and fun swap, it gives you the opportunity to meet new friends and just have fun creating something for your partner.. Everyone loves receiving happy mail and this is one way of receiving it.   We all play in challenges and sometimes you get chosen and maybe never.  Well this will bring happy smiles knowing that you will be expecting a little something from your partner just by participating in something like this. And with your swap it is your preference if you want to add in a little token of a appreciation for your partner.  You are not pressured if you do or don't.
I've got a high feedback from all my previous player's how excited they get when they receive their happy mail it's been (6) months since I started the swap and I hope to continue as long as I can get everyone to participate.  I need even numbers so any odd number that signs up will be dropped out and will have to re-enter for the next new month... So if you would like to play in this fun swap please email me directly to: and on the subject note: MAY CARD SWAP!
All new player's that never played before please send me your name, address, email and http blog.
Also just so everyone knows, their's alot of previous players that have been playing in my swap and play in other swaps and they don't have a blog.   It will be nice that you do have a blog so everyone can become your follower and see and share what you create on your projects.. Although it is not recommended but would be nice if you did for my swap.   And also my card swap is not on any contract, it's on a month to month.   If you want to play every month like a lot of them do it's fine,  and if you don't it's all okay too.
By the way I will be gone from Aug. 29th until May4th all my posting for that will week will be sheduled postings.
Whew, that was a long posting... LOL!



  1. Hi Shirl! How fun... you are going on a vacation. Have a great time. I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. :)

    It's been a blast participating in your swap. Please sign me up for the swap for May. Thanks!

  2. Please sign me up for May! Hope you have a nice vacation!

  3. Whoa!! I bet your fingers were hurting after you typed all that up. lol
    have a lovely time on your vacay Shirl!
    I'll email you for May.
    Aloha girl!!

  4. Hi Shirl,
    Yes I love your Swaps and want to be in this one too if i may.
    You deserve a vacation all the work you put into this blog and swaps, go for it girl!
    Have a wonderful time, just hurry back.LOL
    God Bless you.

  5. Lucky ducky to be on vacation soon! I would like to sign up for May and continue to be on the swaps until further notice. Thanks!


  6. Hi Shirl,
    If you have and extra name any time I would be glad to make an extra card or two and send it to the gals. Just a thought


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